Discipline & Regulation



Discipline is the first law of nature. The sun rises and brings the day. It sets and there is night and the moon and the stars are visible. Man is also a unit of nature so just like nature if human beings do not observe discipline the entire social structure would fall like a house of cards. Discipline is extremely important in student life. Discipline is necessary for all achievements. Student must obey the rules and regulation of the school and are expected to work honestly to fulfill the objects laid down and uphold the prestige of the School at all times. The following rules may be amended or modified when the authority feels it necessary for the efficient running of the school.

To protect and promote the sanctity of the school. To maintain peace, order and harmony in school. Students are expected to arrive at the school 10 minutes before the assembly bell. The school gate shall close sharp at 7:45a.m after the warning bell. Student will not be allowed in school if they are late twice in a month, they will be send back home. At the stroke of the first bell in the morning and after the break, the students are expected to stop talking and lead to their respective classes in perfect silence. Students are expected to be neat tidy in person and belongings. Refinement of manners and punctuality are expected at all times. Students are expected to speak only in English in the premises, in order to gain fluency and accuracy in spoken English. Any violation, without a just cause is punishable. Class room and school premises are to be kept clean. If any student damage the property of school must be made or repaired by the student concerned.

Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. Students should park their cycles in the stand provided and should be securely locked. No, student/ staff member is allowed to ride his/her cycle/bike etc. inside the premises. No magazine of any kind, other than the school text books may be brought to the school. Students are strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones or any electronic gadget in the school premises. It is not advisable for student to bring or wear valuable articles in the school. Every student shall always greet his/her teachers and warmly they meet them school or outside. No gift or any demonstration to the teacher is allowed. Student while travelling on the school bus must misconduct will not be allowed to avail the bus facility. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is never allowed.


Please co- operate with the school in ensuring an effective education to your children. This can be done by:

Providing suitable facilities of studies at home.
Providing Text books, note-kooks and other requirement to your ward.
Assisting and guiding in doing homework.
Assisting your ward in removing his/her deficiency in particular subjects.
Depositing fees as per rules.
Provide nutritious food to your ward. Please avoid fast food etc for school tiffin.
Please look into your ward's school calendar frequently and see to it that the assigned home-work's is regularly.
Please see and countersign the remarks made in the school diary regularly.
If you feel or notice that your ward is not making desired progress, kindly see the Principal. You are always welcome to the school to assure the progress of your ward.
On other days in case of emergency Parents/Guardians may meet the Principal all working days from 11:30a.m to 12:30p.m. You may contact the subject and class teachers personally in the school after obtaining a prior permission from the Principal. Please don't disturb the class by visiting the class by visiting the classroom.
Please always sand a leave application in respect of your ward addressed to the principal through Class-teacher prior to the absence of your ward duly attested by you. Please don't request for part-time leaves of your ward.
Please ensure that your ward comes regularly in neat, clean and tidy school uniform.
Please don't send your ward to the school when he/she is having any infectious disease or is otherwise unwell.
Please don't give costly things to your ward.
Please ensure that your ward is escorted safely to school and back home.
No letters are to be passed on to student and teachers except through the Principal. Tiffin and water bottles sent after 8:15a.m will not be accepted.
Parents are requested not to provoke their children to real necessity in which permission should be obtained beforehand in writing.
It may be noted that children will not be sent home even in emergency with anyone who might come for them during school hours without a written request from the parent or guardian.
Parents are requested to ensure that their children arrive at and leave school punctually. Any student who is late in attending school should bring with him/her a written application from his/her parent or guardian for late attendance.

Note: There will be a general Parent/Guardian & Teacher meeting on either 3rd or 4th Saturday every month.