smile School


The management has a right to say on what condition it will admit or retain pupils in its school.
Admission to the school is open to all candidates irrespective of caste creed and socio-economical background.
Admission is subject to merit and vacancy.
Admission to any class pupils must pass an entrance test.
A new student joining from any recognized school cannot be admitted without a transfer certificate from the previous institution.
The parents/guardians of beginner student must produce an official Municipal Birth certificate in support of the date of birth entered in the admission form.
The date of birth and mane filled in the admission from will not be changed afterwards.
The Principal has the right to refuse continuation of studies to any pupil whose conduct or influence is unsatisfactory.
Notice of withdrawal should be given in writing a month before hand or fees for one month will be charged. Such notices should be given by the parents or by the person responsible for the pupil.
Parent should note that any discrepancy in transfer certificate should be rectified at the time of admission.
Transfer certificate will not be issued to student who leaves school without informing the school.
Transfer certificate will be issued only at the end of the session.
A transfer certificate will be issued only when all dues to the school have been paid the school's library books and property returned.
Bona-fide certificate/Transfer certificate will be issued against Rs. 50/-


The school does not receive any financial assistance from the Government and has to meet all running expenses from fees. The management reserves the right to meet alternations in the fees. Please contact the school office to get the fees book. In the booklet you will be provided with almost all details with regard to the school and its fee structure.


Annual charges for every session must be paid before commencing the new session. Without this their name will not be entered in the attendance register.
The school fees cover a twelve calendar month. No reduction is made for holidays or broken period. Pupils are liable to be charged full as long as their names are officially on the Rolls. No fee is refundable.
Monthly fee should be paid from 11th to 20th of every month. If 20th will be holiday then fees will be accepted on 21st.
Pupils whose monthly fees remain unpaid for three consecutive months may be debarred from sitting for the examination/valuation and are liable to have their names struck off Rolls. Readmission fee Rs500 must be paid along with all outstanding dues on account of monthly fee.
Fees for the month of February and March must be paid on or before 10th February, otherwise admit card of Annual examination may not be obtained.
The school does request the parent to stick to their time frame in remit.


The new Academic year begins in March 2014.

Regular and punctual attendance is insisted upon. No leave for absence is given without a previous written application from the parent in Case of sickness in which case the reason for absence must be given on Return to school. Student who have been absent from class must have the reason of absence of absence briefly noted in their Regularity Record.
Birthdays, marriages, excursions or urgent work are not sufficient reasons for absence from school.
Every student must be present on the re-opening day after the vacation and on the closing day of school before the vacation. Any prior information regarding absence will not be accepted.
Continuous absence for 15 days without leave will be considered equivalent to the withdrawal of the student from the school and his/her will be struck off the rolls.
A medical certificate must be produced for absence due to a contagious or infectious illness.
During examination no student will be allowed to leave the hall or be sent home before the scheduled time He/She must remain the whole day in school.


The academic year is divided into two sessions. In the session there is a Unit test, an internal assessment and the half yearly Examination .In the Second session, there is a unit test, an internal assessment and the Annual Examination .promotion to the next class is based on the performance in the Annual Examination .To be able to appear in the Final Examination, it is mandatory for student to pass in the first session examination. The pass mark for respective subjects is 40%. To obtain promotion a student has to secure 40% in the aggregate with pass in all subjects. Students, whose attendance is Below 75% of the working days, are ordinarily not eligible to sit for the Annual Examination.