"We hope that libraries will always exist as places for learners to find information, resources, services, and instruction. But formats, technologies, learning needs, and our schools are evolving. And so are students themselves. Our entire information and communication landscapes have shifted-and this shift will only continue."

The presence of a school library is a vital component of a student's education. The school library is central to learning and plays a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving Library is a catalyst for literacy and reading and for teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning. School libraries make a difference to students' understanding and achievement and provide support for teaching and learning throughout the school. The school library is an important part of the school community and reflects and welcomes this community. Keeping the significance of school library in mind, RVIEHS has set up a library with 3500 books as on date along with magazines, periodicals and newspapers. Our RVIEHS library's services and operations provide a welcoming learning environment that reflects the key competencies and values of the RVIEHS curriculum and the culture, community and “special character” of the school in supporting student needs. The library's online presence provides a portal for accessing the library's collections print and digital, external databases and web-based tools and resources within and beyond the school, and promotes effective search strategies. The library is always open during school hours with both fixed and flexible timetable options for classes, small groups and individuals. The library's resources are available for loan to students and teachers for use within the school and at home, according to borrowing guidelines in the Library handbook. As part of our school's home-school partnership, the library is a place for the whole school community, pre-scholars and parents are encouraged to explore, and use the library.

In recent years internet has revolutionized the concept of library. Information technology now plays an important role in improving the library facilities.

With the growing popularity of internet, which provides loads of information with just a click of a mouse, one may pause to think about the decreasing relevance and importance of a library in today's world. But one should keep in mind that a person goes to a library not only to search and get information from books but also to sit and study there. The ambience and the peaceful and scholarly atmosphere then helps one to concentrate more on one's work and study. Thus, libraries will never become redundant. They will always be there to indicate the presence of a well-read and educated society.



Education in the largest sense is an act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character of physical ability of an individual, in its technical sense it is the process by which society deliberately transmit it accumulated knowledge, skills and value from one generation to another. Since education is a concept also refer to the process in which students are instructed, in taught to acquired or learn specific knowledge, skills, or ability that can be applied to real life situation upon completion, it has become fashionable and divide education into different learning “models”. Laboratory work is considered essential in promoting students' learning of science and of scientific inquiry. What the students perceive as important to learn from a regular laboratory exercise is probably affected by the teacher's objectives. We study the extent to which one teacher's objectives are fulfilled during lab work, and how teacher-student and student-student interactions contribute to developing learning experiences from the laboratory exercise. Do students encounter opportunities to learn in agreement with the teacher's objectives?

Our results point to the importance of teacher involvement to help students understand what to look for, how to do it and why. Especially teacher-student interactions during lab work seemed to influence what students perceived as important to learn. In the laboratory exercise in this case, the teacher helped the students to observe and to use their observations in their explanations. The lab work included learning experiences other than those addressed by the teacher, and the teacher's intentions were partially fulfilled. Not only what the teacher says, but also how the teacher acts is important to help students understand what to learn from a laboratory exercise.

We have the following laboratories in RVIEHS respectively:

lab PHYSICS: "Newton won a stunning victory for the intellect and the democratization of science, because it became possible for students to have as much authority as teachers. By knowing proper methods, a youth could conduct an experiment whose results might confound his elders."1 Newton's program of "experimental philosophy" firmly and successfully established the central methods of physics, whereby inference from experience guides formulation of hypotheses, whose predictions are validated by experiment. Laboratory activities in high school physics provide experience with phenomena, a starting place for the systematic development of students' ideas, and a testing ground for the predictive power of their reasoning.

CHEMISTRY: Chemistry is at the heart of environmental issues. What makes one chemical a nutrient and another chemical a pollutant? How we can clean up the environment? What processes can produce the things our need without harming the environment? We're all chemists. We use chemicals every day and perform chemical reactions without thinking much about them. Chemistry is important because everything you do is chemistry! Even our body is made of chemicals. Chemical reactions occur when we breathe, eat, or just sit there reading. All matter is made of chemicals, so the importance of chemistry is that it's the study of everything.

BIOLOGY: Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organism s, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. Biology is a vast subject containing many subdivisions, topics, and disciplines. Biology in definition means the study of life. If we didn't have biology, we wouldn't understand any of the basic concepts of being a species. We'd still be clapping our hands at fire.

COMPUTER: Students' learning process is significantly richer today, because they integrated computer technology-based projects in their curriculum. Technology is an important element in grade school curriculum since it helps create a learning environment in which students are more confident and productive as they engage in projects that empower them to take ownership of their education.
Hostel For development in physical, mental and spiritual aspects - i.e. in a nutshell - for an all round development, Swami Vivekananda, The Renowned thinker on education, wanted to implement the 'Gurukul System' of our ancient India in modern scenario. Naturally hostel became a part and parcel of the school. To begin with, the hostel (garai Bhavan ) ( ) ( ) of Ramakrishna Vivekananda International English High School Chakulia started its journey along with the school in 2003 , whereas , the present building was set up in 2016.

Students are admitted in class I
The daily routine of hostel helps the students to be self-dependant and well disciplined.
----------------- coloured shirts and pants is the uniform
Study time - morning and evening under the guidance of teachers. Assessment tests are taken on regular basis to rectify the loopholes.
Taking part in the morning and evening prayer.
Games and sports - vary as per seasons, played in the playgrounds.
Drawing and singing classes are also arranged on every week.
Spacious Dining Hall for taking meals.
Round the clock infirmary and doctor to attain recovery from illness.
Educational tour is arranged every year.
Guardians can meet their wards on 2nd and 4th Sundays every month.
Holidays - as per school schedule.
Extracurricular activities - drama, recitation, and quiz are also held.


Bless Us O! God, For This And All
Thy Benefits, Which We Are, Going To Receive
From Your Bounty, Give Us Strength, Of Body
And Mind, Make Us Always, Grateful To You
For The food, Shelter, Clothes And
Education We Receive


We give you thanks, Almighty
God, for this and all, thy
Benefits which we have just,
Receive, From your bounty,
Have Compassion, on all those
Who have nothing to eat
Provide them and help them make
us always, Grateful to you, Guide us,
Protect us, From All Evil.


Almighty God, My loving Father, I am heartily sorry for having offended you because you are infinitely good and sin displeases you. I firmly resolve with your help to avoid every occasion of sin. I thank you my God for all your goodness to me during this day. I thank you my God for all your good gifts, for your help and protection, for food and shelter, for joys and sorrows, hopes and disappointments, success and failures.